About Us

My name is Hillary Bullions.  I have 2 tween boys (almost 10 and 11) and one almost tween girl, 7.  I’m married to a pretty supportive husband (he actually does the dishes!!).  Fun Fact -> I graduated from Virginia Tech in 1997 (wow, I just dated myself).

While I love my children very, very much…I wasn’t a mom who did infant/toddlerville well at all.  I am a mom who is very glad all my children are in school full time (anyone else? just me?).  With that said, I was told once that when kids got into school, they became so much easier.  I’m waiting for that day to begin (maybe it’s because they are gone more?)

As a mom, I’m a cook (note, I didn’t write chef), chauffeur, negotiator/rule enforcer, peace keeper, recreation director (sounded better than plans stuff), personal assistant, waitress (which is different than a cook mind you), teacher, photographer (my poor family), counselor (yep, all kids will need therapy), and best of all my kids can love me and hate me all in the course of 2 minutes flat.

I’m ready to have some fun!  You?

Not matter what you do in life, always remember you are AWESOMESAUCE!



Satterwhite Family

Hi! I’m Julie Anne Satterwhite, the web designer and marketing brains behind Hillary’s amazing blog!! My husband and I, who are also Virginia Tech HOKIES, live in Roanoke, Virgnia with our soon-to-be 2 year old son and two very crazy hounddogs. I obviously haven’t experienced any of the Tween years (or even much past the start of toddlerhood) but I can promise you that I’ll be going to Hillary with all of my questions as my son gets older!

In addition to working behind the scenes with Hillary, I work full-time in radio advertising. Life gets pretty crazy at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way, the busier I am the happier I am…crazy I know… Oh and I volunteer, basically full-time, for a new non-profit in Roanoke, so sleep is kind of optional at this point in my life.

Enough about me, you’re here to read the posts – so enjoy!

-Julie Anne