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Watermelon Sticks

I learned how to cut watermelon like this last summer and LOVE IT!  It has made eating watermelon in our house a lot less messy and my kids seem to waste a lot less...

photo scavenger hunt 0

Photo Scavenger Hunt

My middle is at basketball camp and my oldest and youngest were sitting around with nothing to do.  Thankfully, they work pretty well together when tasked with a project.  I threw out the idea…what...


Ready to Laugh?

Here are some of the graphic’s we’ve made along the way…hopefully you find them as funny as we have! Always remember you’re AWESOMESAUCE! Hillary

Skating in Cincinnati 0

Skating in Cincinnati

I’m beginning to learn that keeping my tweens busy during the day isn’t my only task…with bedtime a lot later than it was when they were little kids and it being sunny until 9:30...

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Baby Blues Comics

Every since I had my first child I’ve LOVED this comic strip (actually, I have a few that I’ve saved since before we had kids).  Want to see more of my favorites check out...

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Several Mini Projects to Start Summer

With summer starting today, I knew I needed to be ready to start it off right (okay at least look like I did).  I found this great site everyone should check out.  I love this...

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Kids/Tweens Eat Free Cincinnati List

Who doesn’t like your kid to eat FREE?  As you know cooking is one of my least favorite things to do…planning dinners ranks up there as maybe #2…I LOVE knowing where I can take...